Project 365 #365 – End of Project 365 (2011 at Least..)

End of Project 365 (2011 at least..)

Well, here it is - my last photo of #project365 2011. It’s been a great project, useful and I have learnt loads.

This shot was the only shot taken after midnight but in accordance with project365 general rules, wake to sleep are appropriate ends to a day.

After a great evening at Steve’s house, we ventured out into his garden / field and watched the fireworks over Swadlincote and drank pink champagne.

Cheers to all that followed me attempting this challenge, especially Donkeysnaps.

Now, I will be continuing with photography and am currently thinking of a 2012 project, but it won’t be #project365. Blog to follow shortly…

Carry on.

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